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The Community Hangouts are our monthly events where we all come together to share; from writers, face painters, non-profit organisations, language teachers, jewellery makers, data scientists, college professors, climate change specialists, marine biologists and more. We are here to support and learn from each other, as we all share the same goal of growing our business through organising virtual events.

Learn about: best tactics to attract new customers, how to construct your feedback questions, speaker wrangling, ticket sales, affiliate marketing, tool integrations, online networking, and more. We are creating a community for passionate learners, because we believe learning is easiest when done together. 

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Event strategy & tactics with the community.

Meet novice and experienced Summiteers from all over the world. Get 1-2-1 help from other community members, and the HeySummit Community Team. Talk strategy and tactics for your upcoming event with people who have done it all before. Share your challenges and get help on the spot from any one of our 900 members.

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5 days
9 speakers
9 categories
Community Hangout 4.0: Transcribe, Subtitle & Reuse 25 March 2021, 05:00 PM
André Bastié & Nevena Tomovic HappyScribe & HeySummit
Community Hangout 2.0 ; Referral vs Affiliate Marketing 21 January 2021, 05:00 PM
Liam Austin, Gaetano Caruana & Nevena Tomovic
Community Hangout 2.0 ; Referral vs Affiliate Marketing 21 January 2021, 05:00 PM
Liam Austin, Gaetano Caruana & Nevena Tomovic
Let's Talk About Workplace Wellness and DEI! 10 December 2020, 04:00 PM
Vivian Acquah Viva la Vive

Get the attendee experience in our community hangouts.  

Each month, we feature one of our partners; experience the user side of web-host integrations or affiliate marketing. In our monthly hangouts, you get the attendee experience so you can adjust your events for your audience.

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Each month we discuss new topics in our hangouts.

We breakdown a HeySummit feature and cover best practices, as well as give the floor to our community experts who share tried and tested methods for improving your event organisation. 

- Strategy Best Practises 

- Feature Tips & Tricks 

- Attendee Experience 

All for free in our Community Hangouts. Don't miss out. 

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Individual talks by our community experts.

Reserve your place for additional talks by our community members. We try and bring a variety of experts to teach us. All talks are free. 


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